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PlasmoidThunder or GarchompMatt is a YouTuber, Mugen Author, Deviant artist as well as a admin(Boss in Mugen Database).

History Edit

GarchompMatt first used to work in Total Annihilation Wiki because it was his favourite childhood game. Later, he created the english Mugen wiki and is known as the boss.

Plot Edit

Total Annihilation

PlasmoidThunder used to love this game when he was a kid. Later, he decided to work on this wikia. He fools the vandalers and had become Admin. He also is an Modder and his works are on his web site.


PlasmoidThunder works as an hardworking admin in the Database. He also owns a Mugen site where he shows his skill on Rotom and other stages.


He makes sprites of Pokemon in DeviantArt. His favourite Pokemon character is Typhlosion.




PlasmoidThunder's sign --> Banner


Like in other wiki that have "Search this wikia" Plasmoid's Mugen database is written as "Search this Database".

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